Hey, you Indonesian idiot police and liar so called news reporter, please read this one carefully……as soon as possible, before you been tricked and seem much more idiot…

I hope this news is the last…your last suck and stupid news…
Video? Check it out, click here

Listen!! Airsoft Gun is a toy, just toy!
The reporter said Police have Pindad to try convert it to be firearms? Owh, what a stupid, idiot, and suck Indonesian police!!! You all might need “Q”, James Bond crew, to do this.

Police, huh? You are just a work-for-money bastard, corrupt!!! I think you should consider your retirement ;)

Oh yeah, don’t forget to read wikipedia, if you can speak English. Or let me translate it for you, stupid police, just for you <:-P

airsoft gun

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It’s Not R Shot Gun

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