Joel : The carrier is thirteen point three db and there is no fault
Liza : So there is no problem with your carrier
Seno : OK, thank you for your information
Liza : No problem. Sorry, who is your name?
Seno : I’m Seno. S E N O
Liza : Sorry?
Seno : S E N O. Sierra Echo Nano Oslo…
Liza : OK Seno, I will call you back if we got another issue

CRAP!! :-o

SALAH LAGI !!! Ini sudah kesekian kalinya aku salah mengeja namaku sendiri. Seharusnya Oscar, bukan Oslo… :((
**merutuk diri sendiri di pojok ruangan gelap**

Untuk menghindari kesalahan berikutnya, sepertinya harus aku catat daftar ejaan alfabet yang standar.

Hey you guys, look at this NATO Phonetic Alphabet graph below for your reference…..
**melirik tim-engineer-berisikan-orang2-aneh** /:)

graph taken from wikipedia

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Spelling Alphabet

3 thoughts on “Spelling Alphabet

  • 12 July 2007 at 1.37 am

    iling mbiyen pas ndek 3g-net.
    B kuwi sering tak sebut Betha :D

  • 12 July 2007 at 3.44 pm

    secara biyen u dikte kata-kata pake nama hewan…. ASP dadi Ayam Sapi Palu ;))

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