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  • 12 July 2006 at 3.57 pm

    Tube Top RapidsA good friend of mine and his wife (both of whom shall remain nameless) were paddling in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe area when they came upon a set of rapids. They scouted the rapids and decided they were challenging but navigable. They started out successfully steering through the rocks and then halfway through they passed a campsite occupied by a group of young boy scouts. As fate would have it they hit a rock broadside right in front of the campsite and tipped the canoe, sending themselves and their gear into the water. friend’s wife managed to climb up on a flat rock while my friend floated downstream doing his best to collect the canoe and as much gear as possible. He was about 50 yards away when he turned to see where his wife was. To his surprise there she was standing on the rock waving at him – with her tube top at her waist and a grinning boy scout troop attentively watching from the shore!He yelled, “Pull your top up!” to his wife but she couldn’t hear him over the sound of the rapids. He had no choice but to struggle upstream through the current until he could get close enough to inform her of the exhibition she was putting on. As he reached her and she got in the canoe, one of the boy scouts yelled out, “Are you going to try that again Mister?”He’d been married long enough to know better than to laugh at that moment but told us later he couldn’t help thinking, “I wonder what kind of merit badge they’ll get for that one!”

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